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Portland Area OMMP Cardholder Clubs: Call ahead to verify location information and hours. [edible finder]

OMMP Cannabis Club



Collective Awakenings [website] 2823 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland 503-206-7090
Five Zero Trees [ website ] 10209 SE Division St Building B, Portland 971-242-8492
Little Amsterdam [ website ] 18819 SE McLoughlin Blvd, Milwaukie 503-303-7489
Neighbor Dave’s Organics [ website ] 1421 SE 13th Ave, Portland 503-235-2346
NW Green Oasis [ website ] 1035 SE Tacoma St, Portland 503-410-7676
Oregon’s Finest [ website ] 1327 NW Kearney St, Portland 971-254-4765
Portland Compassionate Care 4020 SE Cesar Chavez Blvd, Portland 503-954-2275
Pure Oregon [ website ] 2410 N. Mississippi Ave, Portland 503-954-3902
Rose City Wellness Center [website] 3821 NE MLK Blvd, Portland 503-384-2251
Rose City Fire [website] 1515 SE 46th Ave, Portland 503-477-9247
Brother’s Cannabis Club [website] 3609 SE Division St, Portland 503-894-8001
Cannabliss [website] 1917 SE 7th Ave, Portland 503-719-4338
Cascade Alternative Resources 6430 NE MLK Blvd, Portland 503-284-6714
Club Sky High [website] 8957 N Lombard St, Portland 503-719-5801
Exodus Wellness Center [ website ] 16211 SE Powell Blvd 971-242-8079
Franks Collective 7112 NE Glisan St, Portland 503-256-6869
The Green Remedy [website] 12447 SE Powell Blvd, Portland 503-761-0226
Herbalist Farmer [website] 45 NE 122nd Ave, Portland 503-252-9088
Human Collective II [website] 9220 SW Barbur Blvd. Suite 106, Portland 503-208-3042
Mt. Hood Wellness Center 14325 SE Stark St, Portland 971-279-4116
Northern Lighterz Holistic Co-op 3200 N Lombard, Portland 503-283-7600
NWRC / Portside Patient Services [website] 8937 N Lombard St, Portland 971-279-4130
OMCC – Oregon Medical Cannabis Club NE 82nd and Fremont, Portland
OMCC – Oregon Medical Cannabis Club 4764 SE 82nd Ave, Portland
OMMP Resource Center 1310 SE 7th Ave, Portland 971-255-1456
Portland Medical Cannabis Club [website] 4607 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Portland 971-279-5370
Potlandia [website] 7131 NE Prescptt St, Portland 503-719-7214
Progressive Collective [website] 9810 E. Burnside St, Portland 503-444-7792
ReLeaf Alternative Wellness Center [website] 1034 SE 122nd Ave, Portland 503-278-9237
Rip City Remedies [website] 3325 SE Division St, Portland 503-235-6000
Urban Collective [ website ] 305 NW 21st Ave. Suite #200, Portland 503-895-8551
Voter Power [website] 6701 SE Foster Suite D, Portland 503-224-3051
World Famous Cannabis Cafe [website] 322 SE 82nd Ave, Portland 503-208-3395
Alternative Remedies - closed
Hollywood Holistics – closed
Foster Healing Center – closed
Grower Patient Resources – closed
Left Coast Connection – closed
Lewis and Clark Collective - closed
National Green Friends - closed
Portland Patient Resource Collective - closed


OMMP Clinics will help you navigate the OMMP to obtain your card for valid conditions under Oregon Revised Statutes ORS 475.300 — ORS 475.346.  Check out our OMMP Resource page for more info.

OMMP Clinic Listings:  Call ahead to verify location information and hours.



Phone Number

Aurora Clinic 1847 E Burnside St, Portland 503-232-3003
Alternative Medical Choices
MAMAs – Mother’s Against Misuse & Abuse
Medical Marijuana Card Services
Portland Alternative Clinic, Inc. 816 NW Hoyt St, Portland 503-477-5643
The Hemp & Cannabis Foundation – Oregon
The MedMar Clinic – Aloha, OR


**Oregon DOES NOT have medical marijuana dispensaries like other medical marijuana states.
Instead, OMMP Cardholder Compassion Centers and Cardholder Clubs exist which play an important patient support role for Oregon’s Medical Marijuana Program.  They are MEMBERS ONLY and each require you to show a valid ID and valid OMMP paperwork to join (every club will make a copy of your records for their records so expect that).  Some but not all clubs require a membership fee of anywhere from $1-$20 for a day or a month membership (it varies that widely).  Almost every club with a fee has a “first visit free” policy so you should take advantage of that and visit them all.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking one club represents them all because they are all very different.  If you are turned off by a club keep looking and find the one that feels right to you.  Since each Cannabis Club & Cafe is so different, think neighborhood coffee shops or neighborhood taverns with their varied donation rates, looks and feels, take your time to check each one out.  One thing is certain, you CAN NOT purchase cannabis at any of these businesses. So meet the proprietors, explore each one and please abide by their rules.  Again, they are fulfilling a crucial role in support of the OMMP Cannabis Community and should be thanked for their good work.

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